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Food Trip!

Bro Sizzling Haus’ Pork Sisig (w/ rice & egg)

For only 45php, you can already enjoy this Pinoy dish which is called ‘sisig’. An original from Pampanga, this can be a dish for lunch, dinner, or even as a pulutan.

Bro Sizzling Haus is an eatery located behind Far Eastern University (FEU) in the city of Manila. This is known by most college student because of its affordable and delicious meals.

If you haven’t been in this place, try it for yourself and you will surely enjoy their food. Haha! Nag-endorse na, e. 2nd time ko pa lang dito kanina.

I look matakaw because of the extra rice. Haha! Hindi ako pala-extra rice pero kasi, gutom talaga ako kanina. Haha! : )

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